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French Alevel IRP - HELP!!


I’m currently a self-taught a-level French student and I don’t have a teacher to mark or give me pointers on my IRP so I’m slightly panicked!

I am being assessed by a teacher at another school but I cannot ask them for help obviously as they’re not my teacher and idk them, this is where I’m needing some help!

If anyone here would be willing to mark or give me pointers on my IRP I would be so grateful! I could email it to anyone willing to help.

Thank you :smile:
- mimi
No one is allowed any help on their IRP anyway and even if your own teacher is doing it their not allowed to do anything before the test except time you to make sure it stays around 2 minutes and they can’t even ask you practice questions. So I think as long as you remember it you’ll be fineee

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