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For those studying Biochemistry, what is it really like? Is it what you expected and would you recommend it??
I’m currently in the middle of looking at courses and working on my Uni application but I don’t know if I should do pharmacy, pharmacology or biochemistry.
All experiences and opinions are welcome, I just want to know how people found it and if the labs are enjoyable
Thanks :smile:
Pharmacy is a vocational subject leading to a qualification that allows you to become a pharmacist.

Pharmacology is more focused on drug metabolism - great for getting into the pharma industry.

Biochem is just one of the many biological sciences. Better to go study Biological science at somewhere like Lancaster and then decide later in year 2 or year 3 what you want to focus on - e.g. immunology vs biochem vs medical biology.

All 3 routes involve 12 hour minimum of lab time each week and a further 10 to 12 hours of lectures each week.

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