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erin11 do you balance your revision with your hobbies?

Hello TSR!

Amidst all the stress of revising for upcoming exams, it is so important to be doing fun things outside of revision and school - this can be anything you choose, whether it be taking part in sport or playing an instrument or reading :biggrin:

For me, music is my main hobby and I love it for lots of reasons - benefits my mental health and allows me to spend time with friends while improving my skills! I balance my revision with music by taking part in extra curricular music 2 hours every week in and out of school, through swing band and orchestra!

If you feel like you don't really have any hobbies, no need to worry - never too late to start!! Who knows, maybe you'll be inspired by someone else :tongue:

Let me know what your hobbies are or maybe any hobbies youre hoping to start below! :smile:

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