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How does turn it in similarity score work?

So I just submitted my dissertation and my turnitin score was 32% would that be considered high. Well for context 18% was for ‘silly things’ such as my reference, the code in my appendix, the front cover, contents etc. what I’m trying the say a very large majority of the 18% I was expecting to be flagged. Also my dissertation title has been going on since 2012, and my supervisor has given every the same starting resources and code.

So how does turn it in work?
It's not a rigid situation. If flagged the course leader/marker will review the report and see what was flagged and make a decision as to whether it's an issue and you need to be brought to a plagiarism hearing or not.

It's normal for things like title pages and a properly formatted bibliography to flag as similar to existing works. The code in the appendix may be a concern as you may have been expected to cite this appropriately. As for other things it will depend on the specific context.

Essentually there's not enough information to know. If you actively worked to ensure all the material was properly cited and referenced, that the work was your own otherwise, and you didn't use other peoples' formats or structuring without proper attribution, you will likely be fine.

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