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Modern Studies pressure group essay

Messaging for my daughter. Does anyone have a sample modern studies pressure group essay she could have a look at.
All pressure groups effectively influence decision makers. Discuss.
By, Haroon Rasool
A pressure group is an organisation made up of like minded individuals who want to
influence decision making. Those who join pressure groups do not wish to be directly
involved in politics but to persuade decision makers, such as politicians and businesses.
Pressure groups can influence these decision makers through methods, such as
demonstrations, insider groups and funding.
Pressure groups can influence decision makers through the use of legal methods, such as
demonstrations. This can influence decision makers as they are more likely to listen to a
pressure group if they have enough support and have evidence to prove that this is a real
concern for the public. For example, in 2018, thousands took part in marches across
London, organised by the People’s Assembly and Health Campaigns Together to increase
funds for the NHS. As a result of the campaign, over £2.8 billion had been allocated to the
NHS. However, pressure groups may also use illegal methods to gain the attention of
decision makers. This can be through violent protests and blockades or sit-ins, which can
result in free media coverage and an increases in profile and publicity. Yet, as a result of the
use of illegal methods, pressure groups may also face backlash and a tarnished reputation,
resulting in a decrease in support and influence on decision makers. For example, in 2015,
Fathers’ rights activists caused a security breach at Buckingham Palace after using a ladder
to scale the building and climb on to the roof. This led to the incarceration of many of these
activists and a drop in public and political support for this group.Therefore, pressure groups
that use illegal methods are less influential than those using legal methods.
Another way a pressure group can influence decision makers is if it is an insider group. This
means that they are closely linked to the government, providing them with advice on new
policies. Insider groups will be linked to parties targeting specific issues and will have the
support and attention of the government. As a result of this close link and support, pressure
groups are more likely to have a part in decision making, rather than just influencing it. The
Conservative Party have been provided with policy advice and research for many years by
Migrant Watch UK and currently, there are many prevailing policies based on European
immigration and new policies are being implemented after Brexit. However, despite insider
groups being in influential positions, they can find it hard to openly disagree with the
government. Insider groups can be ignored and have their positions threatened if there is an
issue the group and the government disagree on. This can delay policy influence and make
the pressure group less influential. In 2010, the British Medical Association had campaigned
against the increase in hours and decrease in wages in junior doctor contracts, however this
policy still went through. Therefore, insider groups may not always have influence as
governments may choose to ignore them, despite their close relationship.
Pressure groups can also be influential if they have funding. Sufficient funds allow pressure
groups to continue to run campaigns and influence decision makers. Proper funding also
means that pressure groups can invest in media publicity, professional lobbyists and start
campaigns. In 2015, ¾ of people in Britain believed that big money could influence politics.
As a result, pressure groups with larger funds can influence decision makers by also buying
access to ministers and politicians. This can be done through party donations and
contributions towards arty events. A meeting with the Prime Minister can cost a pressure
group up to £50,000. As a result, parties and governments are able to make up to £29 million each year. Therefore, pressure groups with better funding have a better chance at
influencing decision makers.
Overall, not all pressure groups are successful in influencing decision makers. Those who
use legal methods, have close relations to the government and have sufficient funding are
more likely to have influence on decision makers as they may have the support of the public,
provide decision makers with advice and help and have the means to gain support and
attention for their cause
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