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Should I hand in incomplete Computer Science NEA?

It's a few days to the deadline for my computer science NEA, and I've got very little to show for it. I've done the analysis documented design, but I've got no code. It's no excuse but my teacher in year 12 couldn't teach coding and offered little to no support for the project, and he ended up leaving. Throughout year 13, my class hasn't had a teacher for longer than a month, with every new teacher restarting from the basics. Our 6th teacher has just left. Because of all of this I haven't done the nea. Can I hand this in for 1 or 2 marks? And will I fail if I don't hand anything in?
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I am not sure which exam board you're doing but for OCR there are like 50% mark available from developing your prototypes and evaluating it.

Since you are running out of time, I suggest develop maybe one to two forms/ short code. Then just do minimum of testing on the code and record any changes made. At the end, for evaluation, mention you ran out of them and how you can improve it. Exam boards really just want to see how you hit the requirements, I don't think an incomplete code is gonna affect a lot but not programming at all is a high risk.

I will say the NEA has quite big of an effect to your final grade, at least from what I observe and what my teacher said. 80% from the 2 papers, and 20% for NEA. Chances is that, if you are aiming for an A or A*, without the NEA, you will actually need to ace both papers to achieve it. Not handing in the NEA will be tougher because it has the most basic marks you could've gotten.

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