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How can I write a story about an unlikely friendship
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Original post by enny ojo
How can I write a story about an unlikely friendship

There are loads of ways :biggrin:

two completely different people find they like the same types of books

someone falls out of a tree and lands on top of someone, but it actually saved them from crashing into a car

The school janitor finds a kid doing drugs but then becomes his drug dealer

you go into a seemly abandoned house and find a lonely old lady that just lost her daughter

You write a letter but throw it in the bin; the next day you get a reply

You befriend your enemy after finding out that you both like pizza with ketchup

This gigantic dude befriends a tiny kid

The delinquent befriends the smartest kid in the school

There was this one movie I watched where a guy who forged cheques ended up working for the police

I cba to think of any more
Anyway, emphasise the differences between them to make that one similarity seem more special, like “despite all the xyz, our zxy brought us together” or something
Remember descriptions
Use those literary techniques (panning, power of 3, etc)
Hey, you could go on tumblr and look on there
Or, to be safer, go on Pinterest and look for tumblr reuploads
There are loads of crazy people with crazy ideas on there
Don’t get too caught up on the story though, make sure you focus more on the technique, because honestly, the story could be about a spaceman befriending his s*** that came to life, as long as you have good technique you should be fine:

similes and metaphors




Power of 3


Forgot what it’s called, but the thing where you describe like a camera panning through the scene


Juxtaposition and oxymorons


Alliteration (goes well with power of 3)

Remember to use varied punctuation ( parenthesis, colons and semicolons)- especially semicolons, they love those
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What’s this even for though, you’re not guaranteed to get this question in your GCSE exam

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