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How do i help my autistic brother

My brother is 25 with autism and he doesnt leave the house unless hes with our mum. He has anxiety too so he wont even go and pay for stuff in a shop he has to get someone else to do it. He can speak to people though like if he was walking down the street and someone out of the blue just started talking to him hed have a small conversation he woukd never engage anything himseld. Ive tried to ask him if he wants to come hang out with me and my friends (im 20 and theyre all similar ages so its not like he would be hanging around kids) but he just doesnt want to leave the house. I’ve offered if he wants to come to the pub with me or even just smoke a joint in the garden with me but nothing works.

Hes really in to movies especially comic book movies like marvel ive offered to pay for me and him to go watch some on multiple occasions but idk he just doesnt.

Idk if this is selfish but i really want him to just start living his life it makes me sad seeing him waste his life like this he has no friends or anything just sits playing computer and watching netflix all day

Is there anything i can do to help him or is it something hes gonna have to do himself?
Firstly, I'd say don't offer drugs to him. It sounds like the movies are his passion but I would try get something going in small steps. Maybe you start small, watching movies with him - and then progress to doing something like playing catch with a small ball or a little football in his room (obviously when he's not wanting to do something else). Progress this to a bigger room i.e. living room or perhaps your garden and introduce a few very close people (family only imo) as he is comfortable with these people already. Hopefully by then he is more comfortable and sees it isn't as bad as what he might think.

I'd maybe speak to your parents / social worker / doctor ( ideally all 3 ) to get more advice to understand how to go forward though. The last thing you want to do is to force him into the deep end and have him in a worse position than where you started.

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