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Short film ideas

I am planning on making a short film as a extra curricula activity for my personal statement and am stumped on ideas, if anyone could help with perhaps some suggestions and prompts. They dont have to be fully fleshed out ideas, anything would help me out.

If i use your idea i will give credit and if anyone wanted to help out you could contact me and i would love that
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So exciting!!

Unlikely Friendship: 2 characters, different personalities yet they find a common ground through unexpected events. Could be sad, romantic whatever you like

Time Loop (so many movies are like this nowadays tho). A character finding themselves living something over and over again, how will they break free or how would they deal with the repetitive cycle.

Someone’s life: a widow and a husband who went to war Or 2 soldiers from different sides somehow find a way to make peace and start talking, sharing stories etc
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