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combined or triple science?

I'm probably going to do combined but what would be the benefits of doing triple/combined science?
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hello ! i did triple science for GCSE . there's not much of a benefit to be honest , but , you have 3 separate grades instead of one combined grade for science- which is good if not all sciences are your strong point . you also have to do 6 exams for the sciences ( in total ) , so 2 bio , 2 chem and 2 phys . i believe this is the same for combined science . however , if you can't work to the markscheme , i'd recommend combined science because triple is VEEEERY specific when it comes to how to answer questions . combined is much more ... " relaxed " , but you still have to know subject terminology , of course .

i wish you luck on your GCSE journey ! if you ever need more help feel free to talk to me :smile:
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combined science is easier and not really a challenge. Triple science looks better as a GCSE and you get a more in deoth understanding of each subject individually. It can also help later on with unis as they may look at specific subjects for medicine for example. Triple Science is not even that bad, pretty good if you know what you are doing

Triple science is not preferred nor required by any UK degree programme I am aware of. Combined science is all that is required if anything from that subject area.

Employers also don't care about your GCSE subjects outside of English language or maths.

The only situation it may matter is some 6th forms may specifically require triple science to continue to science A-level subjects. This is a choice of the 6th form though and is unrelated to the A-level syllabus set by the exam boards which only assumes content from combined science.

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