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Could anyone advise me on any materials and resources that I could use to write my Postgrad personal statement, please?
Hey, I am also applying for postgrad, one helpful tip is to go on the university website (the one you're applying to) and they usually have a document with what they want in it. Its very helpful. Also, I used a lot of my undergrad PS and added my university stuff

I really like the tips and tricks on the Prospects website. (not sure if the link will work, but you can copy/paste).

Generally, the structure should go: Introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion. Order your examples like this: Why you want to study at that uni, why you want to study that course at that uni, your background in relation to your application, and then what you want to do with your degree in the future.

I am happy to advise further or elaborate.

Rebecca Pearce
Email: [email protected]

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