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Would it really be weird to talk to an foreign expat woman as an Indian man?

I am a 23 year old guy who never had a girlfriend before. I live in Bangalore in India but born in Siliguri in West Bengal in India. I have noticed some expats in the posh areas of Bangalore as its a big metropolitan city and is known for its IT industry and is often known as the Silicon Valley of India. I am an MBA student in 1st year. My current crush is also an Indian btw and she is also within 21-23 age range but things seem really unsure.

So I went to this really posh area of Bangalore 3 days ago and saw 2 foreign women there. One was a Hispanic woman who looked absolutely gorgeous and very exotic and looked in her 20s or maybe even 30s and the 2nd one was an East Asian woman most definitely a Korean who too looked in her 20s but I was too shy to initiate conversations with them so I missed my chances especially with that Hispanic woman. I did see some white Caucasians too but they were mostly middle aged men. I did talk with a foreign woman last month near my University who is from France but it was a very brief conversation and I never met her again and I wanted to get to know her more. There are several posh areas of Bangalore where there are many expats so if I see a foreign woman again, should I initiate conversation with her or would it be weird even if I am respectful of their space? Would the women still find it weird even though I am 23 and still young enough? Would they still get uncomfortable if I say I am an MBA student? I am afraid as Indian men have some negative stereotypes but I am a well educated guy pursuing his masters degree in a big city like Bangalore who can speak fluent English.

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