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Year 12 Student unsure on Uni Course

Hi, im currently a year 12 student studying Maths, Comp Sci, Physics and an EPQ. I'm predicted A*AA (unsure EPQ grade atm) and got 9s, 8s and 7s and GCSE, i've been looking at Uni courses and have while researching I have developed an interest into Astrophysics and potentially regular Physics. The thing is i don't have a huge passion for any of my academic subjects (and never had) so im unsure if i actually want to study Astrophysics at Uni. I also don't have any ideas for what i want to pursue after university (potentially Investment Banking or something else finance related).

I am looking at Bath, Bristol, Southhampton and am enrolled in my college Oxbridge pathway.

I am here asking for any advice from anyone and to hear from anyone who was in my position and is currently at uni.

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