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I messed up year 12, what can I do to get A* in year 13?

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Sounds like you know what went wrong and you've got a plan. Although spending this long dissecting your revision techniques can potentially become a whole new form of procrastination. Just get on with it, to be honest.

does anyone know an effective way to memorise many quotes ie. Three or four hundred quotes
Step one, don't! A big part of good revision is being EFFICIENT and CONCISE, revising the minimum (I don't mean bare minimum, but the minimum required to get a good grade) so you don't waste your time on stuff that you won't use in the exam. I don't know much about OCR but assuming your exam is only a few hours long, there's no way you'll have time to use all those quotes in an exam essay. I'm looking at an A* for English Lit AQA and I'd say I pick from a pool of about 20-30 quotes (per book) for the vast majority of my essays. You're wasting your time trying to learn hundreds.

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