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a level/degree change advice

im near the end of year 13, i plan to do a law degree and currently do a level history, rs and criminology. however ive began to have the feeling - have had this feeling before - that i dont want to do a law degree and would much rather do medicine. whats the best advice for going forward?
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your a levels don't give you much flexibility although there is lots you could do in the humanities thats not law. Take a gap year i would suggest and make your mind then, whatever you truly want to do, pursue that. Its okay to take unconventional routes too, plenty of ppl apply as mature students. so if you do end up choosing med and do all the a levels needed yourself, and you apply in another couple years from now, thats fine too.
Hey so firstly don't stress. Come A-level results I had the same feeling.

I was accepted to my firm with AAB onto Law with Politics with Business, Geography and Politics A-Levels but wasn't sure if I wanted this even though I am very political.

So after some advice from school and chatting to support staff at my firm choice uni (also my insurance for another course) I decided to withdraw my application from law. This was a quick process lasting no more than 30-minutes until confirmed. I then accepted my insurance offer at the same uni for Business Economics.

Moving forward I was 2 weeks into the course at this stage and knew there was some tie in between Business economics and Business studies degree. I wasn't enjoying economics so scheduled a meeting with the course directors of both courses and was told if I wanted to change course I had until week 4.

Again, my mind was made to change course to Business as it was a broader subject and left me to specialise later if I wanted.

I'm glad I changed my undergrad. course 2x as I settled in Business Studies and Graduated with a 2.1 and later specialised with a masters in Digital Marketing as the business degree made me know marketing was the area I wanted to go into. I'm now a digital marketing assistant.
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