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Why is it so hard getting a graduate job? I'm a postgraduate!

Hi Guys,

So some context, I'm currently in the dying days of my internship with a local health charity tied to local government in my role as a digital marketing assistant. It was known that this role would be a FTC (fixed term contract) with likely no chance for extension.

As I said in the topic line I have 2 degrees.
1) BSc (Hons) Business Studies, 2.1, Graduated July 2021
2) MSc Digital Marketing, 2.1, Graduated November 2023.

Granted I didn't complete a placement during my undergraduate - the market was very competitive and less opportunities due to COVID, though as I said I'll have completed a 4 month very intensive internship now come may 2024.

I also have a range of soft and hard skills through part time work and voluntary experiences ranging from sales to managerial work, as well as working as a social media assistant for another local charity for 1yr. I've paid a private consultant to review my CV and do a practice interview with me which was definitely worth the time, however in the 10 jobs I've been invited to interview for over the last few months, most I've been rejected from after the first round, with several progressing to next stages. NOTE, I'm currently awaiting response from my most recent (10th) application.

Is there anything I can do to improve my performance in interviews you'd suggest or any other advise.

*NOTE: I'm based on the island of Ireland though have broadened my job search to include both N.I. and the Republic of Ireland, as well as GB.

Thanks Guys.

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