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TSR opinion poll, Apr 2024: how would you vote in the general election?


How would you vote in the UK general election?

The UK is having a general election later in 2024, and TSR is asking how you'd vote!

It's now April 2024. As we build up to the 2024 general election on TSR, we're going to have all sorts of content across the site. Here we're asking: how would you vote in a general election? Leaving aside whether you're eligible to vote, old enough, a British/qualifying citizen, etc., assuming you had a vote, who would you cast it for?

You can get involved in discussing the build-up to the general election in the build-up thread, as well as asking anything you wanted to know about politics in the Ask Us Anything (AUA) thread! Don't forget to check out the UK and world politics and News and current affairs forums as well for all the latest discussions about politics!

We last ran this poll in February 2024!
I'll get to vote in my first general election this year!
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Unenthusiastically Tory or Reform.
Anyone but Conservative or Reform.

On the eve on of the local elections and in the run up to the general election, we are seeing the Conservative Party going hard on trying to drive a clear wedge between themselves and Labour. They are not focusing on prosperity or wealth, they are not talking about building a better Britain. They are deliberately focusing on demonising those with health problems and releasing videos of agents of the state bundling people into vans.

Do Conservatives and those who support them not grasp this is precisely why they are unpopular?
My vote is definitely up for grabs still.

Though I feel like I might end up gravitating (again!) towards the Lib Dems, purely because I'm not overly fond of my Labour MP and the local Plaid candidate is ridiculously left-wing.
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I would probably vote Green, but there is a very good chance that there wouldn't be a Green candidate in my constituency as it is ridiculously tory.
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Original post by flowersinmyhair
I would probably vote Green, but there is a very good chance that there wouldn't be a Green candidate in my constituency as it is ridiculously tory.

Given that Lucas is standing down and that the Labour vote will rise in Bristol West, there's a very good chance that there also won't be a Green MP in the country.
Most recent YouGov poll has Conservatives polling on 18% and Reform on 15%
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Yes, looking at the tables it seems to be more aggressive than the Youguv tables of the last month or two (this poll has 31% of Tories headed for Reform and 15% headed for Labour when previously a rise for one has produced an opposite outcome for the other) so it may be a tad too hostile but equally it can't be ruled out.

If it is the case then despite my earlier objections, the party may need to dump Sunak regardless and throw the dice.
Greens (ironic considering I don’t care that much about the environment but they seem to align the most with my values based on UK party quizzes I’ve taken online), Lib Dem or Labour.

No to the conservatives, gets the 👟🥾👞👠 from me.
Lib dem like last time