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good AQA a level psychology websites

i'm currently doing psychology a-lvls, AQA and icl i've been doing really bad.
Consistently getting Es or Ds. Got 1 C when i revised using psychboost so i'm currently using him again as my main source of content info but I was wondering if there was anyone who knew some psychology websites that:
A) doesn't yap, I don't want to learn irrelevant info - since I do end up talking about it in my ans and my teacher always write 'Not relevant'
B) covers all the spec points + has good AO3

I tried simply psychology but I didn't really like it - I also think it misses out some key points.
I tried using psych notes I found here on TSR but imo it was really wordy and not effective.

So any tips, tricks on how to revise is appreciated as well as the websites people have used to revise this damned subject.
I'm doing biology and chemistry and while I heard those subjects combined were meant to be harder, i deffo found them easier. Getting As in those subjects but Ds in psych.
I really need a B in psych since I want to become a pharmacist.
Reply 1 and miss earle psychology on youtube. ik ur using psychboost again but it's really helpful

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