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How to improve my grades. I never took this subject at GCSE.
Hi RachelBL,

Well done for choosing to study psychology, I can confirm it is a fascinating subject as a 3rd year university student myself. Can you share more of what do you find challenging, what level are you in at the moment, and also what similar subjects if any, have you studied before? Biology, chemistry, philosophy, sociology, criminology, history, anthropology all link to psychology as well, as psychology is a huge and multi-faceted discipline, and needs to be studied in light of these other aspects, that's why it has so many branches, such as biological (which includes aspects of chemistry), cognitive, social, developmental, cultural, try to think if you have covered any of the abovementioned subjects before, because they could all be linked to your current studies - if I understood well and you're studying psychology at the moment.
Please let me know if you have any specific questions and I'll try the best of my knowledge to help!

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3rd year Psychology and Sociology Student
University of Suffolk

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