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Rate my Poem: the bleak evening

they tell you it happens so fast and it wont be expected,
though you think in your mind that you'll be prepared,
after all if it's inevitable then it's too be expected, but then it happens and you thought that you were prepared.

in the reality of it all the mind can't comprehend it twenty-four seven,
it could happen as soon as the clock strikes eleven,
but it could be that fact that's leaven,
after all they are in heaven.

all it takes is just that one call and your whole world is shattered,
it feels like **** has been served to you on a platter,
everything repeats in your mind and all your efforts don't even matter,
and in that moment it's as though it causes your mind to scatter.

all of your memories come and it's something that feels as though you're drowning,
it's something that hits you and it's astounding,
you've just lost your best friend and it's downing,
you try to smile and it comes out as frowning.

in the reality it came as a bleak evening,
one moment you're happy and the next you're grieving,
everything you see is barren and sad and you start receding,
in the moment it feels like you're bleeding.

your heart,
your soul,
your mind,
your being,
it's all been discombobulated and it feels like it's thieving.

all it takes is that one bleak evening,
and it leaves you with tears in your eyes and heaving.
(edited 2 months ago)

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