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Advice To Those Taking Their Exams Soon

First of all, Good luck with your upcoming examinations. Wishing the best for every single one of you.

Now the advice


Do not consider sacrificing sleep for extra studies during your exam week --- that's terrible.

Eat healthy and drink loads of water (hydration is key)

Revision tips

At this point, you do not want to change your revision technique, use what works for you---(no need for extra stress)

Be performing regular recaps on the mistakes you made in your past papers/mocks

Revise using the short revision materials you created:- flashcards, summary notes, mind maps ...

Now for my last-minute revision gurus, I've got you :smile:

Forget every resource out there and begin with past papers

Use the " Swiftly quickly method " when solving the past paper questions:- ( skip the questions you are 70-100% sure you can answer--> solve the questions you are unsure of or you find difficult just reading ---> Check the mark scheme)

NB:- to make this process even much quicker, solve the questions in your mind and check the mark scheme right after. Note, what you missed and move on to the next question.

As you do the past paper questions, you will come across topics and concepts you can't remember. --- Refer to your notes and use brute force to memorise by covering the notebook or textbook and repeating out loud the concept you are trying to memorise as if you are teaching it.

Remember, you won't be able to be completely satisfied with your revision and that's normal at this point.

Now Go In The And Smash Those Exams.
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Great advice! Just going to add a few to that.

The brain works best when thinking about memorable things or journeys. When revising go armed with glitter pens and funny tapes and coloured pens. The colour stimulates the brain and makes it more likely to remember the information.

Make it funny! When you are struggling to memorise something visualize something strange and humorous. eg. " mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell" imagine the mitochondria running on a treadmill and falling off .

.Repetition give the forgetting curve a google for topics you struggle with

Ali Abdall. A you tuber who look at study lips, life hacks and time efficiency.

Quiz friends learn in a group when you are under pressure from friends you are more likey to get more done

Teach someone! Teaching someone is the best way to lean. Give a PowerPoint presentation to a friend, a SR member or just your cat. Trust me, this will boost your revision to the next level.

Always revise with drinks and snacks its important to fuel your body

If you want to revise with music use songs without lyrics. (I use Alan walker no lyric playlists)

My fav resources




Study Bunny


Good luck all!

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