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The statistics speak for themselves - De Montfort University and Block teaching

At De Montfort University (DMU), the course structure known as block teaching, under the ‘Education 2030’ framework has proven to be a great success :clap2:

92% of students felt singular focus supported their work/life balance and lifestyle

93% of students stated that they enjoy focusing on one module at a time

As the results demonstrate, students have adopted this new teaching style successfully and this modern approach benefits the student lifestyle and understands the priorities of what it is being a student

What is block teaching?

You might be thinking, this sounds great but what is block teaching :question:

Block teaching is a new, innovative approach to learning known as ‘Education 2030’. By learning under this approach, students can now focus on one subject at a time, instead of several at once. By the standard block teaching structure, students will study one module (a block) for seven consecutive weeks and before starting the next module (the next block), all learning and assessments are completed.

What are the benefits of block teaching?

As at De Montfort University we wish for every student to reach their desired goals and receive a positive teaching and learning experience whilst in Higher Education block teaching will aid this wish :heart: In addition, DMU is one of the few universities in the country to offer the block teaching method.

In the classroom

As already stated, one major benefit is learning one module at a time and by this there is more class time dedicated to learning the subject in depth. As of this, there is usually a more simplified timetable which makes attendance in theory much easier to attend scheduled learning such as lectures, seminars, and workshops. In addition, students will experience regular assessments where they can check their progress and understanding and receive more frequent, and quick feedback from assessments instead of waiting till the end of the academic year.

Outside of the classroom

As the survey demonstrated, by studying under the block teaching format this supported their work/ life balance and lifestyle. Going to university, isn’t just about the academics anymore, it is also largely about the culture of being a student and developing as an adult. Therefore, by studying under block teaching it is providing students with the opportunity to use this free time to be active at the university whether that is joining and participating in the sports and societies team, meeting new people, and developing friendships, working and studying for assignments and working part-time to gain valuable experience and earn.

Since joining DMU, I have studied under the block teaching format, and it has overall benefitted my student experience and made it better! :smile: I will be happy to help any further, and answer any questions either on this platform or over at DMU under chat to a student

-Maddie, :heart: Second year Health and Well-being in Society student at De Montfort University

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