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Ark Isaac Newton teachers

Are there any people that go to this school? I plan on going for sixthform but i don't know anyone there or what the teachers are like. I just want to know about the Spanish, Biology and chemistry teachers
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Hi! I go to this school (not the sixth form, but the secondary) and I can tell you that the Spanish teachers are amazing- all of them are from Spanish speaking countries and are completely fluent. You can get the taste of different types or accents and familiarise yourself with the different ways of Spanish there actually are. They also tend to over prepare you- so exams are a breeze. The chemistry and biology departments are amazing- they teach amazing. They’re not the ‘read off the whiteboard’ type, and they give lots of helpful information. They always answer question- no matter how ridiculous- and are really good at managing behaviour. I hope you enjoy INA!
Thank you so muchhh! I'm so happy i finally got an answer because i was a bit worried but i'm so happy to hear that

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