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From a very stuck in limbo Research Psychology masters graduate

I’m new here and would please like some advice, I’ll be so appreciative!

>My masters degree in research psychology was obtained in South Africa and was approved by BPS . Furthermore I was awarded and accredited as a *Graduate and chartered member of The British Psychological Society*
>I also hold an undergraduate in Ba psychology and English, as well as a postgraduate honours in Bsocsci psychology (All BPS accredited)

I’m all theory(ed) out. My concern is that I have almost little to no practical experience besides volunteer work and community service. My passion is criminal/clinical/abnormal psych and research, but getting into a SA clin masters programme is pretty much impossible. Iv studied for almost a DECADE to achieve these qualifications, yet I can’t do anything with them. I feel like I’m stuck in limbo. In saying that, I’m considering coming over to the uk (I hold a UK passport) to advance my studies and gain some practical work in order to enter into the clin psych field (if possible).

1. What can I do with my chartered membership? Is there not a course/option that if you meet theory requirements you can skip it and go straight to the practical component? Keep in mind that I have already been accepted and granted Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC).
2. Do my qualifications allow me to do internships already?
3. Any advice on the route I need to take to be able to actually PRACTICE psychology? Even if it isn’t as a clinical psych but in a related field?
Example: courses, internship, PhD.

Thank you😊
From- A very disheartened and lost psych graduate
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