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Is a mouldy shower unhygienic?

I don’t mean clean in themselves I mean in terms of how clean & houseproud they are.

I’ve always had a weird phobia of mould so as soon as I see the slightest possible bit of grime / mould in my shower I blast it away with black mould remover so my bathroom is spotless.

However some houses I’ve seen on the market / my friends houses showers have lots of mould. But their parents seem clean so I don’t know why mould exists if their bathroom.

I’m looking at houses to rent and lots of showers have mold which freaks me out cos what if the landlord won’t let me clean it and get rid of the mold if it’s been advertised like that?
Mould in bathrooms exists because condensation/water collects and lingers. You will largely stop it by letting the room ventilate after using the bath or shower or cleaning up any residual water as soon as possible with a towel.

Improperly shaped bathroom sealant doesn't help as some of them collect reservoirs of water which sits and becomes home to mould also.

I don't think it is particularly unhygienic, certainly nothing the average student shouldn't be able to shake off. I would clean it up if I knew my new girlfriend was coming around mind...

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