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Help please! Research psychologist (BPS & chartered membership)

I’m new here and would please like some advice, I’ll be so appreciative!

>My masters degree in research psychology was obtained in South Africa and was approved by BPS . Furthermore I was awarded and accredited as a *Graduate and chartered member of The British Psychological Society*
>I also hold an undergraduate in Ba psychology and English, as well as a postgraduate honours in Bsocsci psychology (All BPS accredited)

I’m all theory(ed) out. My concern is that I have almost no practical experience besides volunteer work and community service. My passion is criminal/clinical/abnormal psych and research, but getting into a SA clin masters programme is pretty much impossible. Iv studied for almost a DECADE to achieve these qualifications, yet I can’t do anything with them. I feel like I’m stuck in limbo. In saying that, I’m considering coming over to the uk (I hold a UK passport) to advance my studies and gain some practical work in order to enter into the clin psych field (if possible).

1. What can I do with my chartered membership? Is there not a course/option that if you meet theory requirements you can skip it and go straight to the practical component? Keep in mind that I have already been accepted and granted Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC).
2. Do my qualifications allow me to do internships already?
3. Any advice on the route I need to take to be able to actually PRACTICE psychology? Even if it isn’t as a clinical psych but in a related field?
Example: courses, internship, PhD.

Thank you😊
From- A very disheartened psych masters graduate
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Psych is a dead end.
If you've got an accredited course and the right to work here you can in theory do the clinical psych doctorate but it is very competitive to get onto. You may need extra work experience as an assistant psychologist for example

However there will be additional theory along with the practical stuff to cover
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