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Macbeth character predictions anyone?

Ive planned essays for all the themes but with characters i really struggle. I get that it probably wont be lady macbeth but if its anyone other then banquo or macbeth i may be screwed
Which exam board are you? If it is AQA, and the question is based on the extract, I always advise:
Para 1 - Broadly give a picture of the character holistically, including historical context where relevant
Para 2 - focus on the extract - Look for two 'important' images, comment on the language use (semantic fields? Repetition? General tone of speaker, eg reflective, guilty, honorable, worried etc) and look at the first line and then last line of the extract to get a sense of narrative 'journey'. Use technical terms
Para 3 - Pick out at least 2 other moments in the play where the character does something you deem to be important
Para 4 - Conclude your essay, by thinking about the end of the play and the message you think Shakespeare wants us to go away with where this character is concerned, eg If the character is Banquo, by the end of the play he is already dead but his son is alive and Fleance is the genetic link to King James and the proper Natural Order.

Hope that helps

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