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Tips from a Roey Student

My name is Charlotte and having just completed my first term here at Roehampton, I would love to share a few tips. There are so many pieces of advice I could give but my top tips are as followed:

1. Explore the local area!
Although some freshers’ events go on until late, it’s easy to think of things if you’re free during the day. Check out the local neighbourhoods and get to know the transport routes around London. Putney has everything lots of food places, mini golf, shops, an Odeon. Be At One on Putney High Street is also where Froebel have off campus nights out!

2. Get into a solid routine
Starting uni can be a big adjustment, so setting up a routine can really help you balance all the new, exciting things going on! Once lectures have started, why not work on assignments on the same day you had a lecture about that module, or save Monday morning for doing laundry? Feeling productive is everything!

3. Put yourself out there
University is new for everybody, and what’s so great about Roehampton is it’s not humungous and spread out across the city. It really is welcoming. Join in with the different societies and events during freshers you might make your best friends when you least expect it! Before term started I joined a few Roehampton Facebook groups and introduced myself!

4. Plan your meals for each week
If you make a shopping list, you will save money because it’s easier to avoid impulse buys this way and it will make you feel so organised!

5. Make sure you bring a small medicine box
Fresher’s flu had me for about 2 weeks!

6. Buy your tickets for Freshers directly from the Students’ Union!
The RSU will be sure to be hosting a huge line up of activities and nights out on campus and around London. Just make sure you buy your tickets from a trusted seller such as the RSU.

7. Leave plenty of time to find your lecture hall on the first day
There’s so many different buildings on campus, so leave lots of time to find your way! If you get lost, speak to the team at Nest in the library who will always be able to help point you in the right direction.

Lastly, please don’t feel embarrassed if you’re homesick… It’s a big thing to move out and start something completely new. I promise that it does get easier, and we have an amazing sense of community here at Roehampton as well as many fantastic opportunities. You’re going to love it here!!

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