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Which Uni should I choose for the Social Sciences (Durham, Edinburgh, UCL)

Hello! I'm an international student (from NYC) and I'm having trouble choosing which university to attend. I got into Durham for Combined Social Sciences, Edinburgh for Sociology and Politics, and UCL for Sociology Politics and East European Studies (all unconditional). I know UCL has the best rankings but I'm a bit hesitant to go into such a big city after living in one my whole life and I'm worried about the limited contact hours and really small campus. As for Edinburgh, I love the city and the broad nature of the course structure but I want to know more about social life and services provided by the uni. Finally, for Durham I love the program and the choices I'd be able to make within it but I'm worried that the night life will be dull, the city is too small, and I've heard negative things about many posh people there. If anyone has any advice I'd love to hear it! I've done a lot of research but I feel out of my depth with the UK schools and I'd love opinions about all of those things as well as reputation. Thank you!
Worth noting the UCL course is based in SSEES and so will likely very heavily emphasise the Eastern European side of things even with the politics and sociology parts of the course. This may be appealing of course, but worth bearing in mind. Also the SSEES building isn't in the main chunk of the campus but a couple minutes down the road. UCL as a uni in general is a bit diffused, while a lot of stuff is in the main "cluster" of buildings constituting the central campus there are other random departments and buildings scattered around the local area (plus the UCL East campus although I don't think people are likely to go there unless their course is based there).

I doubt the contact hours for the UCL course will be very different to the others. Bear in mind that generally (at least in the UK) at degree level the lectures are broadly introductory material or introducing specific case studies or similar, rather than maximal teaching coverage for the course. You're expected to be doing reading beyond the lecture material outside of your timetabled contact hours and this is realistically the bulk of your learning, guided by the lecture material as a starting point.
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For an international student, either Edinburgh or Durham. Both beautiful historic cities and you will have a great time.
Edinburgh is probably a bit more exciting than Durham is terms of night life / social - and for a wider range of students.
UCL isn't 'better' - its just 'in London' and some people think that sounds glamorous. In reality UCL does not have a great reputation for how it treats its undergraduate students. Its far more focussed on research etc and that leaves undergrads with a raw deal. If the course at Edinburgh feels right for you, it would be an excellent choice.

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