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SFE, partner’s income

Why do you have to declare a partners income who you live with? What is the rationale? This person is not legally or financially obligated to support me and will not do so. It feels like an extremely irrational and dangerous expectation. We do not live ‘as though we are married’. We have separate lives, bank accounts and even two bedrooms incase. Please provide an explanation as to how I can be ‘independent’ from my boyfriend. Feels as though I’m being forced to rely on someone financially who is not at all obligated to do so…

For context, I live with an ‘on and off partner’. We maintain somewhat separate lives and he lives away a good portion of the time. For example at present even has another address. If my boyfriend just stays with me, but maintains another address does that constitute living together? He earns £39k over the £35k threshold for grants from my uni, and excluding me from maximum support eligibility. I am over 25, no children. We are not now, nor will we ever be married, but I am apprehensive about putting down ‘single’ as it seems mildly misleading. Our relationship is not established in anyway. I think this feels like a recipe for abuse in many cases.
Hi there. If you are over 25 and in a relationship, we include your partner's income in the assessment. This is part of SFE's policy and there isn't any other way around this. Thanks, Leah.

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