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how many marks would you give this essay? ai gave me 19/34 .

How does Shakespeare present relationship between l Macbeth and Macbeth in this extract and in the play as a whole.

Shakespeare presents the relationship between the two characters as a relationship that defies the cultural expectations of society, it is more like a business transaction where both partners use each other for their own benefit and therefore lack any true love or bonding. this is their hamartia that eventually leads to their downfall.

One way Shakespeare presents the relationship of Macbeth and lady Macbeth is that it is a bond that goes against the norms of the patriarchal society of the Jacobean era, where men were thought to be above women, caring, providing and sheltering them from the world and women were taught to be submissive, soft and obedient. This is reflected in act 2 scene 2 when Macbeth says “I am afraid to think what i have done?” lady macbeth replies saying: “infirm of purpose! Give me the daggers.” the use of the exclamation mark illustrates the harshness of lady Macbeths words, this would have shocked the audience at that time, as women were expected to be submissive and soft spoken to their husbands. The verb daggers in the phrase give me the daggers highlights lady Macbeth as more fearless and dominant int he relationship as she is willing to remove the object that causes him to feel uneasy and discard it. This also proves the mental capacity of lady macbeth compared to macbeth who is incapable of disregarding such ‘feminine’ emotions, emotions that were thought to be a symptom of witchcraft during the jacobean era compared to lady macbeth who is able to control her guilt in this scene and reassure macbeth. Therefore Shakespeare presents their relationship as a bond that goes against the societal norms of that time.

Furthermore, Shakespeare shows the relationship between the two characters like a business transaction where both partners use each other to achieve their darker and deeper goals in life. Lady macbeth uses Macbeths manly abilities to fulfil her desire of becoming a queen by making him kill king Duncan whereas macbeth uses lady Macbeths greater ambition of becoming queen to his advantage to fuel his burning desire to become king. This is suggested in the letter that Macbeth sends to his wife after the prophecy of him becoming thane of cowdor has become true, which he opens with “oh my dearest partner in greatness” this symbolises that macbeth acknowledges lady Macbeth as someone equal to him, which was very rare during the jacobean era. Macbeth is aware that his ambition alone is not enough to make him kill the king, therefore he must use lady Macbeths burning passion to become queen to fulfil this desire. Macbeth moreover also recognises that if he and lady macbeth both work together to achieve this goal it would be more successful as he refers to they’re actions as ‘greatness’. Therefore, suggesting their relationship is based around the sole purpose of using one another to achieve their greater goals.

Moreover, Shakespeare presents he love between lady macbeth and macbeth as one sided. Macbeth is presented as a man who deeply cares and respects for his wife shown by his concern for her when she grows paranoid because of her guilt ,however some may suggest that macbeth lacks control of his wife and is therefore a coward because she is able to emasculate him and insult him therefore decreasing his status in the eyes of his wife. “cure her, minister to her mind disease” it’s what macbeth says in act 5 scene 1, he is confused and agitated with his wife’s condition and is therefore growing crazy looking for ways to cure her. This emphasises the deep love he has for his wife as even though he is aware that it is the guilt and paranoia that is killing her and he can no longer find a cure for this disease he still tries his very best to save her as she is his ‘dearest partner is greatness’. some may suggest that lady macbeth is a character who lacks any feeling of love and respect for those around her, she emasculates macbeth by saying “hes too full milk of kindness” for this world, the metaphor used suggests she is not able to understand that her words will lead to severe consequences that will not only kill her but kill her husband too.

In conclusion, Shakespeare presents the relationship between macbeth and lady macbeth as a toxic relationship where neither partners harbour any true love for one other but rather use each others weaknesses to benefit themselves.

I think you have some good parts, and I would probably give this the same mark. I have left some comments below, I hope they help. I do think you need more word-level analysis of parts of the extract too.

Within the introduction, you should aim to place the extract within the play. Consider what has come immediately before it, and how the extract adds to the audience's experience. Also, identify the society you are discussing (Jacobean). Marriages during this time period were generally arranged, rather than focused on love, but your point on bonding still stands.

Paragraph 1:
You have made a couple of SPaG errors: ensure you capitalise Lady for Lady Macbeth, and capitalise the 'J' in Jacobean. Analyse the impact of Macbeth using a question to convey his anxiety and fear, and how this goes against the idea of men needing to be strong. The second to last sentence is too long, and you use 'compared' twice. Perhaps phrase it like: Shakespeare's presentation of Lady Macbeth as being able to control her guilt and reassure her husband transgresses societal norms. In the extract, the two characters starkly contrast, as Macbeth appears to be unable to disregard his 'feminine' emotions, which were considered a symptom of witchcraft during the Jacobean era.

Paragraph 2:
Remember which words to capitalise (Lady, Thane, Cowdor, Jacobean). You have used 'they're' instead of 'their'. Analyse the use of the abstract noun 'greatness'.

Paragraph 3:
Review for SPaG errors. Instead of saying '“cure her, minister to her mind disease” it’s what macbeth says in act 5 scene 1,', I would say 'Macbeth pleads for the minister to 'cure' Lady Macbeth, which shows...'.

The conclusion should be reviewed for SPaG. It is a good conclusion, but you should aim to discuss what follows this extract and how their relationship further develops in the play.

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