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Is English lit & French joint honours a lot more work than just English?

I'm considering swapping courses, but I'm unsure on how the work load would differ? I look at the KCL course and stuff but I'm just not sure
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If you do a joint-subject degree, its a 50/50 split between the two subject - ie. instead of, for example, taking two units each term on Eng Lit, you would be taking 1 Eng Lit and 1 French. Timetable restrictions mean that you usually have a more restricted choice within each subject, and that may feel frustrating when you can't do an Eng Lit unit that those taking it as a single subject are able to, etc. One alternative that avoids this problem is to take Eng Lit as a single subject 'with study abroad' in France - that way you do the whole Eng Lit degree but with the French experience in the extra year, and often you can take extra-curricula language classes outside your main degree.
As above joint honours degrees entail the same amount of study as they are the same credit value as a single honours degree. You're just split between two subjects.

That said you might have more contact hours due to the language learning side of your course since those kinds of modules tend to have more contact hours.

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