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Social groups vs user groups

What's the difference?
Original post by DevilRJ
What's the difference?

Social groups: a list of users with a common interest, and functions to share images and attach particular threads to the group. Any user can create a social group.

User groups: a setting that your account is given allowing you access to particular things. e.g. brand new users are in a usergroup which allows them to post but not send PMs straight away - to limit the amount of new accounts spamming people's inboxes with dodgy stuff. Once you've been on the site a few days and made a few posts you move into another usergroup. Usergroups also exist to give different people special buttons. E.g. I am in a Volunteer Section Leader usergroup, which allows me access to certain private forums and to do certain things with threads. Users cannot create usergroups. Only the paid staff members can fiddle with them.

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