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Medicine at RCSI vs UCLan

Hi guys, would like to receive some input regarding these two medical schools (course, location, recognition, graduation prospects, etc.). Which one would be better if my end goal is to work as a doctor in Canada/US? Would it be possible to work in the UK with an Irish medical degree and vice versa? Thanks!

I hope you are doing well. I have just finished my MBBS course at UCLan, 5 years ago I also got accepted into RCSI for medicine however I ultimately picked UCLan.

In the UK, when you graduate from medical school, you are guaranteed a job in the UK as a foundation doctor (F1 & F2) as long as you pass your exams, in Ireland there is no guarantee that you will have a job when you finish as jobs are usually reserved for nationals from what I know. A lot of the graduates from RCSI intend to work in the US/ Canada but you must undergo the USMLE exams (I think the curriculum sort of equips you for that) but you would have to do the UKMLA (previous known as the PLAB) to be able to work in the UK. You also can work in Canada/US after a UK degree but you would have to do the exams. Matching into a program is not guaranteed either way because the priority is given to US/ Canadian Nationals (not sure what nationality you have.)

RCSI is set in Dublin, the capital, while UCLan is in Preston (a smaller city with access to major cities like Manchester and Liverpool). The course in UCLAN is recognised by the GMC and RCSI is recognised by the Irish Medical Council.

Let me know if you have any other specific questions.


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