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Advice on masters programs to choose from

Hey everybody,
I received two offers: one from Oregon State Masters in History program, which, is in person and one from the University of Edinburgh Ancient History program online. I like ancient history the most and ultimately want to get my PhD in Ancient History, but I am not sure if doing an online masters program in the U.K. would be looked down upon in the United States.
One more aspect I want to mention is I have a good relationship with two of my professors at Oregon State, I got my bachelors there. The graduate program said I could do my masters thesis on an ancient topic even though the program is not geared toward ancient history. One of the professors I am close to specializes in ancient history and agreed to be an advisor for me. The advantage for the program at Edinburgh is all the course work will be in ancient history but its online and I don't have a rapport with any of the professors and don't know if I can build that relationship online.

Any help on advice would be greatly appreciated thanks everybody.

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