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Dilemma! Do I keep my great job or accept my masters degree offer

Hi all! I’m currently in the midst of making a very difficult life decision and would love some help…

I’m looking to start and cement a career in a creative industry, whether that’s theatre, publishing, art or beyond.

I recently started working at a really good job. The industry is interesting, the people are nice and the work culture truly goes above and beyond, with lots of quite rare benefits. I’ve even had multiple friends ask me if there are places at the job for them to apply. In the role, I get to deal directly with artists and creatives (some very well known ones at that!), but the job itself is largely administrative in nature and separated from the creativity itself. I know it’s just not quite what I want to do for the rest of my life, and the days can be a bit repetitive in the role - I’m not immensely interested in progressing to the more senior positions either. I know that working there I’d definitely move on to a new job after a certain point and not sure I’d stay in the industry.

Only a month into working at this new job I got offered a place at KCL to study an Arts and Cultural Management MA. Was genuinely elated to find out but can’t defer the place so it’s now or never to choose. I know it’d be great to have a Masters to my name from a great uni (I did my undergrad at Cambridge, so would be cool to study at KCL as well!) and that it could boost my job opportunities as as well. I’m just worried about not finding a company as good as this one again, and slightly embarrassed that I’d be leaving after only 7 months working there, especially when they’ve put effort into training me and being so lovely to me. That being said, I know there are definitely other fish in the sea company wise. I don’t want to limit my options and my potential for a company I might not stay at anyway. But, also the job market isn’t great at the moment…

What would you do in my situation? Would love to hear if anyone else has been in this situation, or if anyone might have an interesting slant on this. Thank you!
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There is absolutely no way I would leave that job for the masters. It doesn't sound like you would have any trouble getting onto the course in the future should you wish to, and gaining experience matters way, way more.

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