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applying to university as mature student

sat gsces back in 2000s and have
A*A*A*A*A*AABCCC and my advanced levels A*A*A*
which top unis can I potentially apply for?
as a mature student
With those results, you could apply anywhere you like, but it will matter much more what you have been doing recently to prove that you're engaged and capable of studying as a mature student. I have similar school results from back in 2013 and I'm just about to graduate from Cambridge. I also took an Access to HE course before applying to show I could still study at a high level, but that may not be necessary
I completed my GCSE and A level equivalents in the late 2000’s as well and the “better” unis I’ve applied to this year recommended a foundation year so that’s what I’m doing.
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As above usually universities want to see some recent study and this tends to be the focus, although having good results from your original qualifications isn't a bad thing by any means.

You'd probably need to look at e.g. doing an A-level or two, doing an Access to HE course, or some OU modules. A foundation year as above may also be an option. You could also explore options for doing a CertHE formally first, although bear in mind this may impact your student finance entitlements.

I personally did a couple modules with the OU then a (part-time) CertHE.

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