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Becoming an entrepreneur

I’m 21 at the moment . Even though I didn’t call it entrepreneurship” when I was younger, I always knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Looking back I realise that all my life so far since I was as young as 12 I spent time creating things and if not create , thought to create daydreaming about all these big ideas and dreams for years although I didn’t monetise these things. Obviously entrepreneurship is something that requires a lot of courage to live outside the norm and challenge the norm too and unfortunately I let society and norms dictate me, I didn’t believe in myself that much too and felt doubts and confusion and I went to university and tried doing different work experiences but the situation is the same as for other entrepreneurs, that I can’t seem to fit in anywhere at work , I get so bored easily and feel like I want to do something big and create my own and the ideal version of me is to imagine myself as an entrepreneur. The problem is that I just don’t know what to do I don’t really have a specific skill set developed as my lack of fitting in at work made me not really stick to a specific job but spend my hours of thinking about creating so now I need money but it’s hard for me to find a job . My university course is a humanities subject because my entrepreneurship focus is overall more societal / humanistic and I feel like I’m falling behind in finance and economics which is important for being an entrepreneur however I cannot go on to do a masters in that because I have more humanities qualifications. I’ve seen masters in business and even in entrepreneurship but people say that it’s a waste of money and time and since being an entrepreneur is about challenging norms , I fear the education system will kill my creativity and ideas . I’m also getting a lot of pressure from family asking me to find a job , go to a masters and I have so many interests that I just struggle to find what job would fit me because I want to do 10 different things

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