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Which UK unis or cities have more christians and less muslims?
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Universities tend to have a Christian Union and other Christian groups that meet on campus. Christian Unions can vary in size, but usually cities and universities with a strong academic reputation have larger Christian Unions.

Cities also tend to have a large number of churches. Churches are typically not too far away from university campuses so they can also provide an opportunity to meet Christians.

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Oluwatosin 3rd year student University of Huddersfield
Birmingham Newman?
Original post by McGinger

what why?
Original post by Anonymous
what why?

Why do you want to know which cities have more Christians and fewer Muslims.
From your username I'm assuming you want to be away from muslims to avoid religious or cultural pressure, and its nothing to do with being racist. Being ex religious myself, and not expressing an opinion on that sentiment, I can empathise with that.

Avoid Bradford and Leicester, there are large muslim communities there.

However, I hate to break it to you but wherever you go in the UK you will find people of all nationalities and creeds in every uni you go to. You can avoid pressure, but eventually you will need to confront your own demons. I personally have now made friends with people who are from the same conservative background I grew up with, and with which I thoroughly disagree about some of their beliefs, but who turned out to be much nicer people than I expected.

Part of uni is about having your assumptions and worldview challenged, and that sometimes includes being proven wrong. I hope your experience at uni is a positive and enlightening one. And good luck.
New bold university is a seventh day Adventist Christian university it’s in Bracknell

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