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GCSEs Food Tech or DT general

Hello I am in y9, and moving to y10 (gcse) next year. Im passionate about both Food tech and dt general and want to know a few things to decide:
1. Which do you guys think is easier/better/more fun to learn
2. Experiences? Good or bad, boring or fun...

Thank you :smile:))))
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Hello! I'm in y11, and I picked Food Tech as one of my options. I finished my course work probably a month or so ago, I can't quite remember. I do the OCR exam board, so this may or may not fit the exam board you're doing 🙂

For the actual writing and the coursework I found it okay- it was just a lot of evaluation so as long as you can say what went well, and what you could improve on, you'll find it absolutely fine 🙂 . We did investigations with sugar which was fun, for NEA 1, and that was marked out of 45. NEA 2 is marked out of 105, and for us, that involved written work and practical work. There was a lot more to write up for NEA 2, so it definitely stressed me out a bit more, but I did manage to complete it all in time. Once again, the written work isn't really that difficult, it just involves a lot of evaluation, so as long as you're prepared for that, I think you might enjoy it.

For the actual practical work, I'd say this was the part that stressed me out the most. You have to choose dishes that involved skills based on the grade you want to get. For example, if you are aiming for grades 7, 8, and 9, you will need to choose dishes that involve higher skills. My teacher told me that the dishes I had initially chosen weren't that high level, so I had to redo some of my coursework and change a lot of my planning. So, I'd recommend knowing the skill levels in each of your dishes before choosing to do them for your practical! 🙂

Overall, I found it quite a fun experience- the practical was what scared me the most, but I was able to achieve the marks I wanted, although I messed up in my practical a bit and got marked down slightly! I'll have the written exam, which will be my last exam, in June I think. It's quite a lot of content- not necessarily hard to understand, but just a lot to remember, so I'd recommend trying to understand the concepts as you go along, rather than revise it at the very end like me! 😅

If you're really passionate about it, then go for it! 🙂

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