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books for a level crusades and modern britain

my school does AQA for a level history, specifically the crusades, the making of modern Britain and also tudor rebellions for our coursework. Are there any books you guys would recommend in the summer which would help me get interested/some wider reading related to it
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Not books, but lots of historical TV shows on the BBC and other broadcasters, based in Britain in the 1950s-90s, are great just for getting a general feel of the period. I personally love Call the Midwife, since this refers to issues going on in the 1950s and 60s, and is just very easy watching.
Also The Trial of Christine Keeler, as this is key event you'll learn about.
Also films like Billy Elliot and any shows about the miners' strike.
Andrew Marr also has a good documentary series called 'Making of Modern Britain' which we watched in class a lot in Year 12, but not sure how to access it.

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