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How do you revise

I posted this somewhere else but I did it under the wrong topic.

I'm currently for my revising my year 9 end of year exams. I've already started my GCSEs course this year for sciences and maths and Spanish. I tend to struggle with revising and I usually need a lot of practice.
My exams are in around 3 weeks, and I'm struggling to get everything done. Does anyone have any helpful revision tips that can help me revise topics I struggle in, particularly biology chemistry physics computer science?
Is there a particular way to revise for each subject?
I would really appreciate if any replies were quite in depth about any methods you recommend.
Thanks a lot!
Past papers and flash cards.
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Hi! My advice would be to go through the list of content on the exam for each subject, and list how confident you feel in each subtopic, maybe with a red amber green system? Then really focus your revision on the topics you feel least confident with. This makes the workload feel a lot lighter as you can cut out the topics you know best already!
The revision technique that works best for me is just doing practice questions - it might feel like a lot of effort but you will remember it so much more than just reading through and copying out notes or watching videos
Hope that helps!
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I love using Seneca for content (assuming the courses are on there) in addition to past papers for applying the practical exam techniques. Seneca premium offers great, pre-organised flash cards for certain courses too.
for sciences defo flashcards - once you’ve memorised the content it’s hard to go wrong from there since at gcse there’s not toooo many difficult application questions. pm me if you want my flashcards ! also flashcards for spanish vocab too !! you can find grammar tables online and stick them on your wall

go through the spec ensuring you haven’t missed anything and tick off stuff you already know

you can try blurting too

seriously you can do this in the time you have left so don’t lose hope - best of luck <333

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