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Mature single mum student

Can i get funding for open university degree fees being a single mum who also started university a long time ago but left after 3 mths for personal reasons.
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The open university has a finance finder on their website under the fees section. Once you fill that in it will let you know what loans/bursaries and other financial support you are eligible for depending on your circumstances.
I believe you should be able to get funding for the course costs
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Even if you do a full-time course at the OU student finance still classes it as part-time, and part-time funding is different to full-time you have up to 16 years of funding for PT course with student finance, its only for the course no living expenses unless you have a disability
Good luck xx
What degree do you want to do ? I know someone who can get you in easily to smaller universities in partnership with bigger universities . So you study at the smaller campus but will graduate at the bigger ones . But they only do degrees such as businesses management and health and social care

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