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Regional PGDL's and networking

Hi everyone!
I have a bachelor's degree in law and two years of work experience (mostly logistics and insurance) in countries with non-common law. My main goal is to get a job in London and eventually become a solicitor (like a lot of people too).

My current plan is to apply for full-time face-to-face PGDL and pay for it on my own. The preferred institution is UoL, and two other options are BPP (as far as I understand, it is more negatively assessed by alumni) and Nottingham Trent University (not bad uni, but still not as widely known as UoL or BPP courses), which is slightly cheaper than the first two options.

My main question: is PGDL education beyond London different from London PGDL's? I know that UoL and BPP organise firm fairs and networking events with companies that they are contacting frequently. London companies won't be represented in other cities at these events, and networking opportunities shall be considerably lower. What do you think? Is it worth studying in London, or would Bristol/Nottingham be okay too?

Some training contracts with law firms funding SQE or even PGDL courses for their employees (partly or even fully) exist, but I don't think it makes sense to apply for such contracts. Firstly, where to find them (I suspect that law firms offer them at unis to students)? Secondly, it is unlikely that they will give funding to someone with no UK education and work experience. What do you think about it?

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