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University funding question

Hi im looking for some advice. I’m 30 years old and currently work full time but I’m wanting to eventually change careers and start a degree in physiotherapy.

I would have to do an access to HE diploma first as I don’t have any qualifications higher than GCSE. I’m thinking about paying for that my self with the distance learning centre and do it around my job.

My question is after that if I decided to go to uni to do a degree in physiotherapy would I be eligible for student finance if I left my job? If not it would be pointless starting as I’d never be able to afford it.
If you haven't used any student finance before you will be able to get the support. As a starting point, it's worth just doing the online calculator to get an idea Student finance calculator - GOV.UK ( 🙂
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That’s good I wasn’t sure as I read:
‘You’ll usually only get student finance if you’re doing your first higher education qualification - even if your previous course was self-funded. You may still be eligible for limited funding in certain circumstances and for some courses.’

That made me think If I paid for my Access HE diploma that would count as studying so wouldn’t get any funding after that.

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