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Potential actions from the IBO regarding the leaks.

Please remember that you SHOULD NOT be involved in any leaks whatsoever. If you are incase involved with such communities please leave immediately.

These the potential actions that IB may take regarding the leaks, and yes it has been confirmed as my schools and many of my friends across the world have been contacted by the IB regarding this matter.

Now I am not an expert, I never claim to be an expert this is just from my knowledge and understanding of the IB system:
1. Cancel all exams and take IA grades - has been done before but for covid
2. Cancel all exams and take predicted exam grade and IA grade to get the final grade.
3. Make students resit the exams - this may push back the July 5 results a few weeks.
4. Cancel everything and make students sit November exams - I believe this may have happened before. Not sure tho.
5. Remove one or two components from every subject which haven't had as many leaks. example for Math AI - cancel paper 1 and use IA and P2 as your final grade.

Again i am not an expert, these are just my guesses for the potential plan of action from IB.
How about the IBO spending some good money with hiring cyber forensics experts and trace the source, and the IPs of the students who have downloaded the leaked papers? It probably may not be able to track everyone but nail as many as possible, and leave those who hadn't cheated to be awarded their well-deserved grades.

Not to forget, schools ran mocks too. So the results should also be used, to a reasonable extent allowing certain degree of good faith that students can also improve from then.
Because of something this terrible, I wonder if IBO will raise the coursework component higher to evaluate actual work vs awarding mainly based on exams.
If any of you have real evidence of this 'leak' - not just 'my friend says' - then contact
The Guardian's Education editor - Richard Adams - email: [email protected]

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