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Brain keeps telling me I'm gay

I have a girlfriend I'm sexually and romantically attracted to but I keep having gay thoughts and urges and I keep trying to masturbate to them to test myself but my arousal completely turns off unless I try to masturbate to women, i've even sucked on a dildo and was less than interested but my brain keeps telling me to do so, its frustrating because I looked at nebula dna and it said I have the gene for same sex attraction and I have all these urges but it won't leave me alone. I know it will take time to navigate this but its frustrating how annoying my brain is.
You need a therapist
Maybe you shouldn't overthink so much
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going through the same thing , you probably have porn induced HOCD .
basically your brain has watched way too much of straight porn and it does not satify you anymore so it looks for something new or different , for me it reached to a point that i would have to watch transgender porn to get any sort of stimulus . your not gay you just overthink it (OCD) , do a NoFap journey and it will help (it did for me) .
or maybe op is just curious
men want what they "can't have" - it sounds exciting because for a hetero person it would typically be "off limits"

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