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LSE Economics and Development vs QMUL PwC Flying Start

I have received offers for the PwC flying start degree at QMUL and Environment and Development with Economics at LSE.

I'm having trouble deciding between the two as I took a gap year to reapply to LSE and whilst I'm happy to receive an offer the PwC course will give me work experience in accounting for 3 months each academic year from my 2nd year, all the way until my 4th year. It will also provide me with exemptions for 12 of the 15 ACA exams and PwC will offer me a graduate role if I get a 2:1 in this course and perform well in the work experience placements.

The only issue with this is that this program isn't a degree apprentice, but a normal uni degree with slightly reduced fees. I will study for 4 years and pay just over £31k-£32k. I'm conflicted about choosing this course over LSE as LSE's reputation would help me find internships in finance and provide me with opportunities outside my studies that QMUL wouldn't be able to offer and will also have much more generous scholarships and bursaries for me.

I'm really just stuck between a uni and a course I prefer and would enjoy more versus a course that is potentially better for starting a career in finance. If anyone could give advice on which route to take for better opportunities in finance then please let me know.
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Depends on what you are trying to do after . Goin with PWC means you will most likely stick to just accounting . Whereas LSE is anything really . Also LSE can provide you with better oppurtunities , and can make you stand out for internships and jobs at major companies . I would personally ignore the cost of going to univerisity as they can always be paid off and if you get a high paying job straight out of uni it wont be that hard to handle . So personally i would go to LSE cos your degree includes Economics

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