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Would you recommend Edinburgh or Bristol?

I've received my offers and I think I narrowed it down to these two (no longer sure Durham is for me). But I'm quite stuck because each university has its pros and cons. They are also both city unis which i like.

What I like about Edinburgh:
-Many opportunities to study abroad in 3rd year
-Amazing research in Computer Science
-Global prestige/ prestige in the US (thinking about moving abroad after university)
-Lovely city with pretty architecture
-1st and 2nd year not assessed so I can focus on learning/ understanding as I come from a bio chem maths background
-Flexibility of course (can do joint honors in cs + ai or cs+ maths easily)

Cons about Edinburgh:
-Very far from home, so cannot come casually back home on the weekend
-4 year course for a bachelors so an extra £9250 and accommodation costs which
-Edinburgh has a lot of pros but the 4 year course is a really big factor as I don't get a masters for the same time and money spent as I would in Bristol. I'd also like to maybe apply for a different university (like imperial) for my masters but not sure I could afford it after this.

What I like about Bristol:
-Close but not too close to home (perfect distance)
-I have friends who go there and say the atmosphere/ people are lovely
-I think its a great university too
-3 years for same qualification, giving me flexibility to either work earlier or do a masters elsewhere if I want or an integrated masters.
-Pretty city

Cons for Bristol:
-Can get very expensive
-Hard to get accommodation 2nd/3rd year
-Less of a world renowned cs department compared to Edinburgh
-Less flexibility/ more practical and less theoretical course (I don't know yet if this is a good or bad thing)
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If anyone could provide further insight it would be much appreciated
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Isn’t Edinburgh higher ranking than Bristol? I mean I’d go with Edinburgh for the opportunities. Yes the downside of it being further away from family and friends (made before uni) is going to be tough but here’s the thing, once you finish uni and get a job, sometimes your work will give you opportunities that will definitely take you further away from your friends and family.

I have a friend whose work relocated her to America she had to choose between going or stay in uk but she won’t be considered for that kind of opportunity again, with that company etc but not only that she had the opportunity to travel and the company was paying. If she stayed she wouldn’t have that opportunity and if she stayed for friends and family she might regret not going, later in life because if she went later in life she would prob had to pay for everything herself vs her company covering it all. She chose to go because of that and it was an opportunity to travel, saving her money that she’d have spent if she traveled with her money etc.

So my point is. Listen if they are your real friends, they’d be there for you no matter where in the world you are. Same as your family. Would you rather be in Bristol closer to friends/family but the opportunities for you there doesn’t give you the “same pull” (if that makes sense) as Edinburgh? If you prefer the opportunities Edinburgh has for you/the course you want to study, then the cons on the Edinburgh should just be something you should think of “yes it would be harder to see them often but this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity and if they are true friends they’d keep in contact no matter what

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