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I was supposed to be resitting my A-Levels exams this year whilst doing a single new A-level in one year to make my application better.

I've been really stressed and I want to take another gap year to work and not resit this year but perhaps the next and only finish my new single A-level this year so I would have just enough for uni. I was wondering if that would make my future resits a third attempt even though I'd be reattempting for the first time? (Multiple resits look bad as stated by my uni)

If that single A-level going to make my future resits look like a third attempt I would rather just not do it because I don't wanna waste my resits on that. I don't know what to tell my uni because I feel like me withdrawing from my resits last minute would look very poor on me and I don't know to phrase it. I was hoping to just make it seem like I wanted to take a gap year this and retake for the first time the next year.

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